Some Wells Fargo customers complain that they have not received their payments this Friday - El Nuevo Herald

More than 24 hours after Wells Fargo had problems with his system "due to a power outage in one of his facilities", some users continued to complain on social networks on Friday that they had not received their direct deposit payments in their bank account.

Wells Fargo apologized to his customers Thursday via social networks, after dozens of claims on the networks and the headlines around the country.

The bank has clarified Friday official account from Twitter that this is a "content problem that affects one of our facilities and not because of a cybersecurity event" and they apologized again to their users, so the Wells Fargo rates resulting from this problem will return.

Many, however, continue to express their dissatisfaction with the problems that caused the interruption, such as delays in customer service and that the amount of money they can withdraw from an ATM is temporarily limited to $ 1,000.

Some even reported receiving e-mails from the bank stating that they had a negative balance in their accounts, although according to them this is not the case.

Several companies sent an e-mail to all their employees, explaining that users of Wells Fargo might not see their payment on the account due to banking problems.


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