Sparkassen-Präsident Schleweis-drums for Super-Landesbank - FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

SPark axes president Helmut Schleweis continues to campaign for a Super-Landesbank despite massive opposition. "We need a central bank from a savings bank," said Schleweis on Monday evening at the International Club Frankfurter Wirtschaftsjournalisten (ICFW). There are too many duplications by the five Landesbanken. "We have five branches in major foreign locations, such as Singapore or New York, one is sufficient." The regional proximity of the Landesbanken no longer offers the benefits they had in the past. "If the times change, you have to adjust," Schleweis asked. "On the one hand, we can make extensive use of synergies and on the other hand we can reduce the risks."

Schleweis has, however, experienced resistance to a number of important decision-makers. For example, the federal state of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Stuttgart, which together hold the majority of LBBW, criticized the plans of the savings bank's president. The & # 39; vast majority & # 39; The savings banks, however, support his proposal, said Schleweis. He still had to convince others. "But I believe it can work." The central institute Schleweiss stopped at the concrete steps in the "difficult way" to a savings bank, as well as the possible planning.

Nord LB "a certain challenge"

Conviction work must also be carried out in Brussels, where the European Commission must approve the rescue of NordLB. "Since there is a lot of government money, that is a certain challenge," Schleweis said. The owners must, among other things, explain to the competitors that the business model of a shrunken Nord LB can exist. What concrete proposals are being made in Brussels will be discussed with the promoters. The owners worked hard and he was optimistic to get the green light.

If a solution is found for NordLB, it would be absurd if it were not part of a future consolidation of the Landesbanks, Schleweis said. The resistance of the co-owner Niedersachsen, however, can pose a threat. The Minister of Finance of Lower Saxony and the Supervisory Board of North LB, Reinhold Hilbers, announced last week that Lower Saxony was ready to contribute to the consolidation of the Landesbank sector with the future Nord LB. But he made it clear: "One thing is certain that we do not filleting."