Subaru will take 100 thousand cars in Japan

The Japanese car company Subaru announced the recall of 100,000 cars in Japan, including the Impreza brand, after it had discovered a number of errors. This is reported by Reuters and The Wall Street Journal. Assessment does not affect cars that are sold abroad.

As noted in the message, incorrect work of the brakes was revealed.

The company said that on Thursday, November 8, car's recall will be issued in accordance with Japanese law and the company will cost 6.5 billion yen ($ 57.4 million). Earlier Subaru called 530 thousand vehicles in Japan for incorrect testing and inspections. Then the company said it would take 400 thousand cars in Japan, including the Forester SUV and the Impreza sedan. The company said they wanted to correct the defect in engine valve springs.

In 2017 it was announced that non-qualified employees have issued reports on vehicle safety. Then it led to the recall of 400 thousand cars.