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© Reuters. Tesla calls on investors to present its new model

From Carlos R. Cózar

Investing.com – Big Day for Tesla (NASDAQ :). Great day for Elon Musk. Great day for, in short, the market. This Thursday (around 8 p.m. Spanish time) the electric car manufacturer puts on the gala clothing present your new model: the Model Y.

The great novelty is the price of the new model. Elon Musk has adopted the ideas of great technology and has tried its luck with a strategy that is repeated in these types of companies: launching a cheap version.

The press specializing in the engine has already made progress with what Tesla is hiding in its new car. The new model will therefore be similar to the front of the car vehicle X. In addition, various media explain that it may not have side mirrors, a new push on the authorities to install cameras instead of mirrors. This same function can reduce the aerodynamic resistance of the vehicles, which would make them more efficient in the use of fuel.

Speculated on the other hand Tesla produces 10% more cars than previous models. The Tesla Model Y will be assembled in the same factory as the Model 3, saving costs and increasing profits.

Change of plans

Tesla paid too expensive for the idea of ​​closing its stores to sell its cars via the internet. On that day their titles suffered a lot and fell 5%. But Elon Musk, seeing that he once accused his decisions on the parquet floor, waved around a few hours before presenting a new model.

That is why Tesla has withdrawn and closed its stores and announced that it will keep most of them open. In return, the prices of cars would be more expensive. According to the company, increases the cost of vehicles by 3%.

The new pricing policy is effective from March 18 and will affect Model 3S, Model S, and Model X, but not the new Model 3 of $ 35,000. "About 10% of Tesla's physical stores have recently closed, but they are stores that we would have closed," Tesla said recently in the statement.

Extreme volatility

Unfortunately, stocks for Tesla's long-term investors are still a roller coaster. Since the beginning of the year, titles have fallen by 6.82%, but this week anyway They have recovered almost 5%.

Even worse, it has been last year. The shares have fallen by more than 17% and before the rebound of this week it was October low.

The factors of the ups and downs have been numerous: from announcing staff cuts to the change of opinion, as we have seen this week. Before the presentation of the new model, Tesla woke up on Wall Street with a gain of 2%.

Despite recent increases, Haris Anwar, an analyst at Investing.com, thinks it's not a good idea to go to Tesla. , the expert says that "Tesla is a battlefield that is too big for investors".

"With the company's scarce cash reserves, the problems of its marketing strategy and his CEO in constant conflict with the regulatory authority of the United States"We do not believe that Tesla's shares will stabilize in the short term," he continues.

In addition, the expert indicates that there are downside risks if the global economy continues to slow down and car sales in North America do not recover. With this uncertainty on the horizon, we believe it is better to stay away from Tesla.

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