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Tesla Model 3. (Photo: t3n)

Tesla has launched the delivery of Model 3 in Europe. However, the Autopilot driver assistance system remains deactivated for the time being – Tesla for the correct approval.

Tesla had announced in January that it had received a European approval for Model 3. Since the beginning of February, the company has been supplying its first vehicles to European customers. No part of the approval was the driver assistance system: the autopilot will remain disabled for the time being.

Tesla Model 3: Autopilot will soon be activated

As the Los Angeles Times reported, the autopilot remains, for which customers have lent ā‚¬ 5,200 extra until further notice, because Tesla lacks the required operating license from the Dutch regulator RDW.

Tesla autopilot: For the time being deactivated in model 3. (Photo: Tesla)

An RDW spokesman told the Los Angeles Times that the autopilot was not part of the European vehicle approval. Although Tesla sells Model S and Model X in Europe with the autopilot as an option, the function has to be re-registered in Model 3. Such type-approval of one country in the EU would also apply to all other EU countries according to The Drive.

The new European Model 3 owners do not have to wait long to use the autopilot, according to The Verge. Tesla plans to activate the function next week in Europe, according to The Verge, if approved by the Dutch authorities.

Tesla: European pre-orderers should receive their Model 3 in February

Many European buyers of the Model 3 have been waiting for their Tesla Stromer for more than two years – since the premiere in April 2016, the company has received pre-orders. As a Tesla spokesman told T3n, pre-orderers who will order the car by the end of 2018 should be able to count on their Model 3 in February.

The first party reached the Belgian port of Zeebrugge with a cargo ship a few days ago, writes Teslamag. Tesla informed some customers that they could pick up their new Stromer in Belgium and the Dutch factory in Tilburg. However, the transfer was not entirely smooth.

Tesla Model 3 on photo & # 39; s

Tesla Model 3. (Photo: t3n)

Collection dates were repeatedly postponed and some customers who wanted to collect their Model 3 in Zeebrugge or Tilburg were sent home without a new car. On Twitter, Tesla boss Elon Musk apologized for the delays in the process. He assured that Model 3 will be available in larger quantities from Friday.

For European launch, Model 3 is only offered in the US with the variant with long-distance battery and four-wheel drive. In addition, the sporty performance version can be ordered. The model with long-distance battery costs 55,400 euros, the performance model 66,100 euros. A cheaper basic model should appear in the second half of the year.

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