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The founder of Amazon and Blue Origin had a spot ready to go out during Sunday's game, but decided to skip him when it became known that his new partner had taken part.

6, 2019

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Jeff Bezos, founder of the e-commerce giant Amazon and the private exploration company Blue Origin, canceled to convey a promotional message during the desired time of shipment of the Super Bowl because it was discovered that Lauren Sanchez, her new partner, had taken part in the spot.

According to a newspaper report New York Post, the Bezos consultants convinced him at the last moment to withdraw a 20 million dollar commercial on the Blue Origin coehetes. The reason was that Sanchez, with whom Bezos had apparently initiated a relationship when he was still married to his first wife Mackenzie Bezos, had taken a few photos of the announcement of the space company.

The controversy becomes relevant in business since the separation of Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos after 25 years of marriage it would represent the most expensive marital separation in history, since it was a fundamental part of the creation of Amazon and he, today by hoye, is the richest man in the world. When the commercial was shot down, the relationship between Bezos and Sanchez remained secret and the businessman did not expect the public to be aware when the Super Bowl arrived, something that could seriously damage his divorce negotiations.

This marital dissolution has warned hundreds or perhaps thousands of investors around the world Amazon is one of the most valuable companies on the New York Stock Exchange and despite the fact that Jeff Bezos is the head, his silent wife Mckenzie has an important role as co-founder of the brand. To put an end to today's divorce, Mckenzie would have 8 percent of the shares to separate from Bezos, which would give the same share and weight to Amazon as his ex-husband.

Amazon was present in the Super Bowl anyway

To replace the advertising space, the owner is also the iconic The Washington Post He sent a last-minute announcement that spoke about the virtues of the free press and combined images of D-Day from World War II, the marches for equality of civil rights in Selma, Hurricane Katrina, the moon landing and other moments that marked the history of humanity. Everything tells nothing more and nothing less than the beloved actor Tom Hanks.

Despite the controversy, the e-commerce company Bezos was very present at the broadcast of the most watched game in the world of which the advertising space is only commercialized at CBS for 5.25 million dollars for a period of 30 seconds. Various advertisements from his virtual assistant were seen during the game Alexa, as well Amazon Prime and that one The Washington Post. It is not clear whether the newspaper of the newspaper used the commercial space that had already been purchased for the Blue Origin site.


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