The airlines retrieve the belt again (as passengers)

The airlines retrieve the belt again (as passengers)

Ryanair plans to start charging baggage between 6 and 10 euros from November. Their European flights have returned to the table discussion of the extra costs that airlines charge to their passengers.

A controversy that has two perspectives. On the one hand, there is the legal issue that needs to be decided by governments and judges, because some indictments are not legal in many countries. On the other hand, the reaction of travelers who begin to show signs of fatigue for this trade policy that converts air travel into a "installment payment".

If the buzzword is now in the tourism sector that "experiences" are sold, it seems that when traveling by plane for some time remained positive (especially in the lines low costs more aggressive).

But the announcement by Ryanair, the airline that sets trends in Europe, has also seen its replica in the US in recent weeks. United plans to take into account tourist seats at the front of the plane, Air Canada increases the billing costs in the warehouse with a first bag of $ 23 to $ 30, United raises it from $ 25 to $ 30, an amount that is similar to the increase that applies JetBue.

The excuse of the airlines this time, like other times, is to face the rise in oil prices. But the truth is that, with few exceptions, the fall in the price of kerosene never meant the reduction of these extra costs.

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