The businessman who brought the password to the grave to gain access to $ 190 million - El Nuevo

The world of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin It can be very lucrative, but at the same time dangerous.

And is that the transactions of these digital currencies are very secure thanks to the exchange portals, which store them at specific addresses that usually only have access to the owners of those currencies or the creators of the portals themselves.

The problem arises when a creator disappears without leaving the password or password in your portal, so that customers do not have access to the money they hold.

So it happened with Gerald Cotten, founder of the Canadian company QuadrigaCX, who unexpectedly died on 9 December during a trip to India, where he inaugurated an orphanage. He was only 30 years old.

QuadrigaCX however, it was the largest company in cryptocurrency transactions, but It looks like Cotten has got the password in the grave that would give his customers access to $ 190 million.

According to media such as Forbes, the fortune is apparently in a "cold wallet", which is inaccessible without a password. To make matters worse, the Cotten computer is also encrypted and only accessible with a password. The problem is that only the deceased businessman knows the keys to enter.

"The laptop that Gerry & # 39; Gerry & # 39; was dealing with working problems is encrypted and I have not been able to know what the password or recovery key is, and despite diligent searches, I have not been able to find them," said Jennifer Robertson, his wife, in an affidavit for the agents who were investigating the case.

According to the newspaper Globe and MailSafety analysts noted that it was extremely rare for only one executive to have access to the funds, as this would have made Cotten an easy target for kidnapping and extortion. Michael Gokturk, CEO of Einstein Exchange Vancouver, said: "It is the equivalent of constantly having millions of dollars of cash."

QuadrigaCX customers have even asked the question that Cotten's death is no joke to keep his money. In this respect, the widow presented the death certificate to the court. It is now the courts that decide what to do.


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