The butane cylinder speed is 76 cents in January

The average price of the butane cylinder will decrease 4.96% from tomorrow to 14.57 euros, according to the resolution published in the official government Gazette (BOE). The price so far was 15.33 euros each, which means a discount of 76 cents.

The price decrease is the result of a 36.2% decrease in the price of the first article and 10.8% of the transport costs. The depreciation of the euro by 1.7% against the dollar – the currency at which gas sales and sales activities are traded on international markets – was not sufficient to offset the cost reductions.

For example, the price of the bottle will fall again after three consecutive increases in the months of July, September and November and will be reassessed in March.

This regulation affects the use of rooms for households, which must be between 8 and 20 kilograms and a minimum rate of 9 kilograms.