The central bank sacrificed $ 395 million a week, but the dollar rose 7.2% and in Posadas it is sold for $ 40.50.

The central bank sacrificed $ 395 million a week, but the dollar rose 7.2% and in Posadas it is sold for $ 40.50.

The ticket went up 29 cents this Friday in agencies and banks. It happened despite the fact that Central sold $ 75 million and sold $ 206 million directly. The blue now rose by 50 cents to $ 40.50.

The dollar, up 7.2% in the week and closed at a new historic record of $ 40.53 in Buenos Aires City offices and banks, and 40.50 in Posadas, despite the fact that the monetary authority has sacrificed US $ 395 million in the last five days.

This Friday, the ticket awarded 29 cents, although the monetary authority sold US $ 281 million (direct sales, more auction), which implied a strong presence in the development of the operations to keep the correction of the exchange rate in the last round of the week very limited.

It was in accordance with the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), where the currency rose 31 cents to $ 39.86, the highest level since the convertibility exitdespite the fact that the Central Bank awarded US $ 75 million during an auction, where it offered US $ 200 million. The average price was $ 39,8463, with a minimum price of $ 39,805. In addition, the monetary authority directly sold to the banks some US $ 206 million.

The North American currency repeated buying tonic originated in the pressure of demand for coverage. Prices started the session at a level that closely resembled the previous closing, but its evolution was quickly limited by the early incursions of the Central Bank with direct sales in the market.

The maximums were registered at the first agreed transaction, at $ 39.90, 38 cents above the record of the previous closing. However, the official activity started very early and with direct sales in the sector where the big players are active forced the quotation down so that he touched at least $ 39.35.

The discontinued sale of the monetary authority led to a small price reaction that led to levels of $ 39.85 / 39.88, a range that remained unchanged for most of the day. Subsequently, the monetary authority wiped the auction mechanism to correct the price evolution and to adjust it to an unobtrusively higher level than on Thursday.

The turnaround in the official intervention strategy, with strong sales in the money segment and an auction at the end of the wheel, caused a moderation in the adjustment of prices below $ 40. The volume rose by 47% to $ 649 million.

"Since the middle of last week, the monetary authority has not used the two intervention mechanisms, direct sales, and currency auctions in one day, indicating the strong determination to prevent the dollar's price from exceeding the short term. 40, "said analyst Gustavo Quintana.

In this context, the Central Bank has announced six guidelines in its strategy of reorganizing the instruments with which it implements its monetary policy, according to the objectives communicated on 13 August.

Among the measures communicated by the monetary authority are: a new increase in bank reserves by 5 percentage points and Lebac's offering to $ 150,000 million, compared to an estimated term of $ 300,000 million.

On the money market between banks, the "call money"Continues to work with an average of 60% In exchange swaps $ 81 million was agreed to take and / or place peso & # 39; s funds through the use of dollar purchases for the following Monday and Tuesday Lebac rates in the market were stable in their yield, operating from 33 days to 62%.

In the Rofexwhere $ 404 million was managed, more than 65% was agreed for September and October with final prices at $ 40.40 and $ 42.50 at a rate of 30.91% and 51.44%, respectively. The short conditions showed average increases of the $ 0.40 environment, which accompanied the $ 0.31 spot increase from yesterday.

Finally, the reserves of the Central Bank US $ 529 million fell this Friday to US $ 50.003 million.

Source: Scope