The CGT returns to the politics of the empty seat

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Analysis. Faced with a movement that disrupts syndicalism and its forms of action, the CGT plays hide-and-seek with the "yellow vests" and revives the empty seat. On December 14, 2018, when his central organization organized a new day of action unnoticed, Philippe Martinez invited his activists to come close to the roundabouts of the demonstrators. "The vast majority of "yellow cardigans", Assured the Secretary-General of the CGT, share our opinion, even if they do not know us. " But he eventually adopted a zigzag strategy, one day with, one day.

On January 10, mr. Martinez again every combination of struggle with one "Movement that has no coordination national ". The CGT, he argued, "Can not support individuals who demand the abolition of social security contributions [qui] are our social security ».

Changes in the feet have also influenced his relations with the government. On December 6, 2018, the Montreuil Power Station signed a joint statement with CFDT, FO, CFE-CGC, CFTC and UNSA, calling on the government to "Guarantee real negotiations at last (…) broad, open and transparent, both at national level and in areas ". The ink of the communiqué barely dry, she qualified, two hours later, the same government of"Social arsonist".

Do not agree on all topics

The CGT was received on 10 December 2018 by the other trade unions of Edouard Philippe. But on 10 January she decided not to go to Matignon. The Prime Minister, Martinez said, said on 10 December: "I've certainly made mistakes, I'm not listening enough, tell me what you want today and I'll listen to you." We said what we had to say and [le 31 décembre], Emmanuel Macron said "I do not change anything". " With regard to government agencies, the presence or absence of the CGT in the consultation does not change anything, because it always disagrees on all subjects.

Mr Martinez explained himself "Open" to "Citizen debates" in the departments and municipalities "Claims black and white (…) in terms of public services, mobility, wages ". But on 15 January the CGT responded to the letter to the French of the President of the Republic to his "32 tasteless questions" and refused to participate in a national meeting as part of the big debate: "The requirement of social and fiscal progress is (…) excluded from this pathetic attempt at smoking. " "The real debate, we will do it", she exclaimed on January 18 by launching "Notebooks of popular protest expressions" focused on six themes: wages and pensions, taxes, public services, daily work, ecological transition, democracy-citizenship.