the EU is still afraid of American taxes on car imports

Since the surprise of the commercial truce signed this summer by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Washington, the contours of a possible negotiation are still unclear.

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President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and US President Donald Trump on July 25 at the White House in Washington during the signing of the commercial truce.

The trade deal announced with a fanfare on July 25 between Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Trump struggles to materialize. And this is what worries Europeans: they are scared, especially the Germans, that in the absence of progress the President of the United States again ignored the threat of a tax on American imports of European cars.

Meeting in Brussels on Friday 9 November, the twenty-eight Trade Ministers reported on the current discussions with Washington, and could only see how they caught water. Since the commercial truce signed by the President of the Commission in Washington, the contours of a possible negotiation remain unclear.

At the moment, Cecilia Malmström, the EU Commissioner for Trade, is discussing possible regulatory cooperation with Washington. the Americans " asked us to look at the issue of regulation. And we worked on it »said the Swede, who will meet US sales representative Robert Lighthizer on November 14 in Washington.

Exclusion from discussions about agriculture

This cooperation in the area of ​​regulation could go "The pharmaceutical sector, medical devices or cybersecurity". Instead of a future alignment of certain regulations, Brussels is working on the mutual recognition of conformity certificates. Automated vehicles and 3D printers can also be delivered. Mme Malmström said he was looking for cooperation areas "Where it is possible to provide short-term successes".

But no matter of hitting the field – very sensitive – for health or diet. In any case, there will be no discussion on the European side "Risk of lower [les] standards for food protection "