The new head of the Bank of Russia removes inefficient banks from the market

Recently, the head of the Bank of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina, made a video message to users of banking services on the Forum of the Association of Russian Banks in Sochi.

The head of the bank said the following: almost 400 credit institutions have withdrawn from the banking market to date, which have not shown themselves & # 39; in the field of banking services.

Something about "unscrupulous" participants in the field of banking in Russia

Nabiullina explained that such a situation in the banking system of Russia was not due to the Bank of Russia's "blood thirst" to small financial credit organizations, but to the efficiency of their work.

Getting rid of unscrupulous, weak credit institutions, the Russian banking system gives an impetus to the development of healthy competition, "Nabiullina said in her speech.

The head of the Bank of Russia drew the attention of all participants in the banking sector to the fact that low inflation and the development of digital financing infrastructure are also developing in the sector.

Financial technology must be available for use not only for large banks, but also for small credit organizations, ie for all participants in the financial market.

A customer who uses banking services must receive a necessary service in every banking institution – not only to pay bills for utility services via the bank, but also (and to receive) money transfers from, for example, Western Union, not to mention other foreign banks, to deposit a certain amount of money, withdraw money from the guarantor, provide a loan, etc., with due observance of the legality of his activities. Which unfortunately did not always happen and not all banks.

Important points in creating a new banking system

That is why creating a digital financial infrastructure that is accessible to all financial participants is very important in modern banking.

It should also be noted that the active recovery of the banking sector started with the arrival of Elvira Nabiullina as head of the Central Bank in 2013.

Before it appeared in the field of banking, there were about a thousand credit organizations on the market and nearly 400 credit institutions left the market in the past five years. A little more than 500 banks are active in the banking system of Russia.

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