The Saudi Riyal gets 0,226 against the US dollar

The Saudi Riyal gets 0,226 against the US dollar

Egypt News: Egypt today: Saturday 15 September
With news facts: the exchange rate of Saudi Arabia today in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Riyal achieved 0.264 against the US dollar

Saudi Arabians must know the price changes of the riyal, because it is one of the most traded currencies on the currency markets and demand is increasing due to the scarcity of the US dollar.

We will follow the Saudi Riyal against the US dollar and the Saudi Riyal against the Egyptian pound, the euro and the pound sterling, as well as the rest of the foreign currencies worldwide.

The daily Fajr portal offers you Riyal rates through a daily report of the Riyal interest rate in all Saudi banks and the black market.

Loma News Saudi Arabia: Saudi Riyal achieves $ 0,264 against the title of news in the US.
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