The taste for sports cars does not falter economy

Although in the first two months of 2019, sales in the sports car segment fell by 30.8% compared to the same period of the previous year, it is still a category that has its sponsorship, since it is a niche associated with a ambitious dream.

Ricardo García, president of the United Automobile Importers Group (GUIA), an organization representing the automotive industry in Puerto Rico, told EL VOCERO that although this segment reflects a downward trend during this year, it is still very premature. that only two months have passed. In 2018 this segment recorded an increase of 16%, which corresponds to the sale of 1,060 units compared to around 912 sold in 2017.

"Although the trend is bullish, it is still below the overall growth of the market, which averaged 28%," Garcia said, mainly based on the use of commercial and work vehicles such as pickups and SUVs. # 39; s.

Garcia also acknowledged that many manufacturers have stopped exercising, which has reduced the range. However, he understands that there is a fixed audience in all genders, ages and social classes, for which this type of car is an ambitious dream, that they can try to acquire it at the first moment. "Consumers are looking for a & # 39; stand & # 39; in this car, it's a way to look good, to feel successful. In the segment they find the performance, speed and technology they've been pursue their childhood, "he said.

García said that every brand currently has at least one sport model in its portfolio. This trend has generated a diversity of prices, making the purchase of certain models accessible to consumers. "It is not a family vehicle. But once the immediate need for a vehicle is met and there is money to buy a sports car, they make the selection. The pocket determines the moment and type of car, which can vary from the traditional sports car to one of the premium sports cars, "he said.

They appear among the signs of greater movement: the Mustang, Challenger, Veloster, Fiat 124 Spider, Miata and the Kia Stinger, among others. In the case of premiums, these range from Lamborghini, Porsche 911 and Boxster to the Ferrari, the BMW M series and the Mercedes Benz AMG series.

García is convinced that this is a segment that will never disappear, because it is always in the mind of the consumer. As proof of this, he said that soon, Toyota, the leading brand in the market, will re-launch the famous Supra.

He repeated that for many consumers the purchase of a sports car is about their price and for people with higher incomes it can be their toys. "The sustainability of the segment meets the scope of economic capacity and the wide range of offers. What they are looking for is the & # 39; sporty look & # 39; which even many sedans already offer," he added. to it.

The sales in February remain positive

For fourteen consecutive months with an upward trend in sales of new cars in Puerto Rico, the month of February closed again positively, although not in the initial percentages. This trend is no surprise to the sector, which has presented similar trends in recent months.

The industry expected this percentage growth to gradually decline in the coming months as it relates to greater stabilization of sales volumes after the hurricane.

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