The top manager of Yandex.Market told how the international "analogue of Amazon" from "Yandex" and

Marketplace intends to cooperate with suppliers from Europe and the United States instead of China and promises to organize the delivery of orders for two days.

"Yandex.Market" and "Sberbank" have developed the concept of their cross-border marketplace, which they call "Russian Amazon" and are planning to launch in October 2018. The company has not yet chosen the name of the new site, but has already decided which work model and which niche it will take, told Alexei Vasiliev, the director of international development of Yandex.Market, to RBC.

According to him, the company does not intend to target suppliers from China, although they account for 90% of the foreign Internet purchases of Russians. Instead, Yandex.Market decided to work with brands and retailers, and in the future with other markets from India, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Israel, England and the United States. These companies with a turnover of $ 1 billion a year, which produce high-quality goods, but do not go with him to Russia, Vasiliev said.

Priority categories for the new market are clothing, shoes, smartphones and other electronics.

At the same time, we understand that the average control on our site will be higher than on market places that are aimed at Chinese sellers. Now the average purchase check is $ 3. We are talking about $ 30 for the category & # 39; clothing and shoes & # 39 ;, $ 100, – for gadgets.

Alex Vasiliev

Director for international development, Yandex.Market

According to the Association of Internet Trade Companies, the share of orders in this price category is low: 61.4% of online purchases in foreign stores do not cost more than $ 26.

Logistics and delivery of goods, the adjustment of content to Russian and the marketing of the company intends to fully assume. It is assumed that the seller will deliver his goods to the customs warehouse of the marketplace in Europe (from "Yandex.Market" it is located in Latvia) or to the partner logistics hub. From there the order is sent to the buyer. If something happens to the goods during delivery, the buyer will file a claim not with the seller, but directly with the market maker, Vasiliev said.

For the organization of the delivery the company takes a commission from the sellers. Vasiliev did not specify the size, but said that it is usually 5-10% of the check.

Not all sellers are ready to organize the delivery to Russia, especially the European one. The market is not very well known to them, moreover, entering a new player is risky enough. We offer the possibility to come to Russia with brands without investments on their part, with our marketing, logistics and other support that we offer them.

Alex Vasiliev

Director for international development, Yandex.Market

Buyers can receive their orders faster than when the seller himself was busy in logistics, Vasiliev says. According to him, the delivery of popular goods takes about two days, while the delivery time for foreign purchases is now at least 15 days.

Yandex.Market and Sberbank are working on a new marketplace in parallel with the creation of another major e-commerce player: AliExpress Russia, a joint venture of the Chinese Alibaba Group, Mail.Ru Group, Megafon and the Russian Direct Investment Fund. They announced a joint venture on September 11th.

These projects will not compete with each other, the expert of the market of online trading Alexey Petrovsky is insured. In his opinion they will take different niches in terms of the geography of suppliers, assortment and the average amount of the check.

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