"To achieve a double degree in commerce and luxury"

Maxime Oury, 21, is studying at the ICN Artem Business School

ICN Artem Business School occupies only the middle of the table in the rankings. She was, however, favored by Maxime Oury, 21 years old. For his double degree in commerce and luxury first. Most other schools only offer specializations. For his location then.

"Originally from Metz I did not want to be too far away from my family circle"he says bluntly. The brand new building was the icing on the cake.

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"In September 2017 we joined the Artem excellence camp, already under its large pink and blue canopy, the Nancy mines and the national school for art and design.This rapprochement allows us as students to develop a real pluridisciplinarity In concrete terms, we have joint workshops in which we share our knowledge and ideas to solve business problems and it is very rewarding. "