Toy company: Barbie helps Mattel to a surprising profit - SPIEGEL ONLINE

In the Christmas business, Mattel has sold many Barbie dolls and accessories. This has surprisingly helped the American toy company to a positive annual result for 2018. The bottom line was the last quarter with a profit of $ 14.9 million completed, such as the company behind brands such as Matchbox, Hot Wheels and Fisher Price on Thursday after the US market closed.

That was a tangible surprise, analysts had expected a new loss. Investors reacted euphorically and increased their share by 18 percent after the stock market. In the same period last year there was a significant minus amount of $ 281.3 million. "Our results in the fourth quarter show significant progress," said Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz.

However, a look at the yield shows that the heavyweight industry is still struggling. Sales fell more than five percent from a year ago to $ 1.5 billion. A twelve percent plus in Mattel's classic Barbie could not change that. Nevertheless, the fact that the quarter ended with profit was also due to significant cost savings.

In order to increase the sales of the almost six decades old pop classic Barbie, Mattel relies on a tool that has already been successfully used by the comic publisher Marvel: There must be a Barbie film in which the doll turns into a real man. It is played by the Australian actress Margot Robbie.

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