Toyota and Lexus will stop being attractive to the hijackers

As known. car & # 39; s Toyota and Lexus usage increased "popularity "as the objects of theft or theft.

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Toyota Motor LLC is launching a whole series of measures to protect against the hijacking of new Toyota and Lexus cars. So to make the practically senseless fake hijackers VIN number, many elements of the car will be applied "Unique anti-theft identifier." The ID contains the PIN code that is linked to the VIN number of the car.

The diameter of the application of one element of the identifier is 1 mm, but the illustration contains an example of a 60-fold increase

The PIN code is implemented in the form of microdots that are not visible to the naked eye with a diameter of 1 mm, information that can only be considered when removed from the body and repeatedly increased. Micro-dots are applied to the pedals, hinges, nipples and shrouds, and their total number reaches 10 thousand.

Thus, even with the forgery of standard plates with a VIN number and the replacement of individual parts, a stolen vehicle can still be identified by the police at registration or control. Moreover, a large number of marked parts reduces the chance of car sharing in parts. Every buyer of a new car Toyota or Lexus receives a certificate of "Unique anti-theft ID", which contains the PIN code of the car. By July 2019 anti-theft tags will be present on all new Lexus cars. In 2019 the identifier will also appear on all Toyota models.

An example of applying a sticker marked with a VIN number on the metal inner surface of the door (the labels are made with laser cutting)

Toyota Motor also decided to increase the number of plates with a VIN number. In addition, the plates are reliably protected against forgery thanks to the "self-destruct" technology when re-gluing and a special edge that glows in the ultraviolet light.

Extended marking with the VIN number is already being used on many "Lexus" and will be used on most models of both brands in 2019. In addition, to verify the conformity of the actual parameters with the "passport data" and additional verification of the VIN number "Toyota", a special information portal was created.

And the last. Cars & # 39; s Toyota and Lexus will also receive more advanced versions of normal anti-theft systems. For example, the SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is already supplemented with sensors for tilting and towing, inner volume and a central locking with double locking.