Trade unions announce next strike at Ryanair

Directly from the dpa news channel

Brussels (AP) – Passengers of Ryanair should expect further strikes from Europe's largest low-cost airline. After the strike at German bases, trade unions have called for work interruptions in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands on 28 September.

Just in time for the start of the autumn holidays, the biggest strike in the history of the company takes place, according to a press conference in Brussels. The stewardesses want to strike in all five countries and the pilots in Italy.

According to the Belga news agency, trade unions require the application of national labor legislation, not just Irish. Whether other countries or pilot associations join is still open. The trade unions have also announced that they will strike every month if the company does not respond to their requirements.

Ryanair contradicts the trade union announcements of a "reischaos". The experiences so far this summer have shown that the vast majority of employees also appear in the service during labor disputes. The vast majority of the more than 400,000 passengers will also be transported on 28 September, said marketing manager Kenny Jacobs. In many German states the date is the last school day before the autumn holiday.

As an example of the alleged minor effects, the airline drew attention to the joint 24-hour strike of flight attendants and pilots stationed in Germany on 12 September. Ryanair had canceled 150 of the 400 scheduled flights to and from Germany. The remaining connections were performed as planned with two exceptions, according to the company. More than 70 percent of German staff came on duty.

The trial union Union
Cockpit doubted the information of the airline. All VC members had taken part in the strike unless they were forced to fly for purely legal reasons, it said in a statement. Flights with foreign crews are not affected anyway. In that regard, Ryanair intentionally misrepresented the number of flights in total, the number of flights affected and the strike in question.

The trade union responsible for cabin crew
Verdi regretted massive harassment attempts by the company. Executives had followed and photographed strikers and the participants wrote the "unauthorized withdrawal of labor" in the working documents. More frequent absence can lead to dismissals at Ryanair, the spokeswoman for Verdi explained the drawbacks. The trade union called on Ryanair to stop such harassment.

On 13 September, air traffic returned to the German bases as usual. Like every day, Ryanair complains about flight delays via Twitter, which they believe is due to a lack of personnel in air traffic control. For this reason 436 early flights 59 have been delayed.