Trump fights back after the CEO of JP Morgan claims he & # 39; smarter & # 39; is then the president

President Donald Trump jumped early Thursday morning to JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, following Dimon's comments that he could beat Trump in an election.

Trump tweeted that Dimon & # 39; not the instance or & # 39; smarter & # 39; has to be president, adding that he & # 39; a poor public speaker and nervous mess & # 39; is.

At an event in New York on Wednesday morning, Dimon had claimed he could beat Trump during a presidential election, "because I'm as tough as he is, I'm smarter than he is."

Later on, Dimon walked back without comment, CNN Money reports.

"I should not have said it," Dimon wrote in the statement. "I do not run for president, proves that I would not be a good politician, I get frustrated because I want all parties to come together to solve big problems."

But still, Trump – never someone who makes a negative comment, according to his advice in his memoirs from 1987, The art of the deal-Looked back to Dimon and said that his "big economic policy" is that bankers like Dimon look "much smarter than they are".

Trump is historically a compliment of Dimon: in 2012, Trump tweeted that Dimon is "a good guy and a great banker." After the elections in 2016, Trump offered Dimon a position as Minister of Finance, who rejected Dimon.

Even after criticizing the presidential potential of Dimon in the tweet of Thursday, Trump wrote: "Otherwise, he's great."

According to Bloomberg, JP Morgan said it has no further response to the president's remarks.