12 Great Valentine & # 39; s Day TV episodes to stream now

Photo: Byron Cohen / NBC via Getty Images

A rule of thumb that applies to all episodes of TV shows with Christmas theme & # 39; s: they will reinforce the drama to wring the absolutely most emotional out of you. It is true for Christmas deliveries, as we explored in December, but it is especially true for Valentine's Day. When a show is already busy with complicated matters of the heart, how can we better escalate things than with a forced romance?

Here are some examples of Valentine's Day episodes: (1) people realize that friends are more important than romantic partners, (2) someone's boyfriend ruined everything by being thoughtless, and (3) the day he enters a very dramatic area before being rescued become the edge of a disaster. That said, we have completed some truly memorable Valentine's Day TV episodes to fully educate you this week with love (or jealousy).

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