12 most anticipated horror films of 2019

We are in full swing of one of the best Renaissance horror films from the 80s.

In 2017, the release of Jordan Peele of Go out set the precedent on how the horror can send an important message (without rubbing the face). That year also led us to re-discuss Stephen King's classic EN: Chapter one. Last year, the writer and director Ari Aster made us feel uncertain hereditary. The 2018 also brought us the return not only of Michael Myers, but also of our favorite screaming queen, Jamie Lee Curtis in the role of Laurie Strode in Halloween (2019). These are just four of the biggest box office hits that horror has ever had.

What does this mean for the genre in 2019? Well, the studios are finally watching the horror again (and not in a Sharknado in a sense). We are talking about really good scripts that have remained dormant or have been tossed around the rewriting circuit. Every ghost of the genre is hitting hard – from the classics that make the return to Hollywood, finally shining light on important medical conditions that have plagued humanity since the dawn of time – to frighten us in completely new ways.

Here are the films that will keep us under control in our beds in 2019.

We (March 15th)

What happens when a normal family makes a summer trip, only to find that they are replaced by Doppelgänger deranged? This is the simple premise of the next stab at Jordan Peele's horror genre, We. However, if it's something like Peele's first movie Go out, there can be many layers and fans can not wait to solve them. This one stars Black PantherWinston Duke and Lupita Nyong & # 39; o. (Note in the margin: Peele hosts the new one twilight zone revival for CBS that will arrive later this year. From the aspect of this film together Go out, it is becoming our modern era Rod Serling.)

Cemetery for pets (5 April)

The original 1989 adaptation of Stephen King's terrifying story is disturbing in all the right ways, especially thanks to the sinister childhood performance of Miko Hughes; but it comes with its problems. That's why I'm trying to understand Starry eyes directors Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer try one of King's best stories. Cemetery for pets (2019) follows the Creed family as they move into their new home away from the city. Only this rural house is located between a crowded interstate and a small cemetery where disturbing events are on the way.

BrightBurn (24 May)

Guardians of the Galaxy writer and director James Gunn has always been a horror guy. After all, he started with Troma's films; Disney had arrived late for the game. Well, the loss of Disney is the gain of Sony, while Gunn and co-writers Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn ask the question "What if Superman came to earth and had not taken the human way of life and simply started killing?" This is the premise of BrightBurn played by Elizabeth Banks e L & # 39; OfficeIt's David Danman. If this is just another way to help us with the tiredness of the superheroes, we are completely comfortable with it.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (31 May)

It's here. And now. We have seen the king of all the monsters of Gareth Edwards tie up with a boy in the army. We then saw Kong launching down with some evil creatures Skull Island by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Now Michael Dougherty, the mind behind the horror affects how Trick or treat is Krampus brings us the launch of Toho with an important study budget. Godzilla: King of the Monsters it's finally coming. Mothra, Rodan and King Gidorah have been teased for this same film. The supporting cast includes Vera Farmiga, Millie Bobby Brown, Sally Hawkins and more. We think this will be what we will talk about for a long time.

Child's play (June 21st)

Chucky is back and the fans are pissed! Let me just direct the elephant into the room. This film is a complete reboot of Tom Holland and Don Mancini's classic by Orion guys. Which is a little confusing since Mancini was at the helm of the Child's play film for a while now and is currently in production on the television series with all the original talent. This new version of the Good Guy doll (now called Buddi) is highly technological and ready to synchronize with all your devices. The film is played by Aubrey Plaza who gives his son the doll for his birthday. Sorry, but if you take the Charles Lee Ray off the franchise, we're not sure we really want it.

The new mutants (2 August)

Here is a film that made some obscure choices during the creation of its trailer. Both comic book fans and horror fans were thrilled to see a different way of interpreting the mutants. One that looked like a horror movie! Well, when the words came back on the set and the wigs upstairs, the production stopped abruptly because The new mutants it must never have been a horror movie, to begin with. Well, the good thing is to talk about money and it's one hour! A completely new character has been added to the story to really raise the fear. It will be this destiny New mutants or make it the perfect movie for superhero-weary fans? We'll find out later this fall.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (9 August)

Those books that have stopped you dead in your library tracks are making their way to the big screen. The screenplay by Alvin Schwartz matched so well with the disturbing illustrations of Stephen Gammell that has remained forever in our gray matter. That's why the creator Guillermo del Toro has become a producer and is helping to bring alive the adaptation of André Øvredal for CBS Films and Lionsgate. We've only seen a peek so far from Fandango, but there seems to be the right atmosphere.

IT: Chapter 2 (6 September)

Old and new fans of Stephen King's classic are foaming to the mouth to check this. IT: Chapter 2 takes place 27 years after the events of the first film. We will see the flashbacks of the original members of the Looser club, along with their adult colleagues. Of course, the band has moved away from Derry, but the IT still follows all the members. Of course, Bill Skarsgård will resume the role of Pennywise while James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Jessica Chastain, Isaih Mustafa, Andy Bean, James Ransone and Jay Ryan will play adult Looser members.

Are you afraid of the dark? (October 11th)

Fans of the 90s of the Nickelodeon television series can jump with joy knowing that The Midnight Society is back (well, in its own way), Gary Dauberman (Annabelle) has worked on a treatment and looks like D.J. Caruso (Disturbia) will direct. What we know so far is that the film will be finished by the Midnight Society telling a story or two, but what these stories are about, we do not know yet. The same members of the Midnight Society will be new, but we will keep an eye out for cameo or two.

Zombieland 2 (October 11th)

You know what's best Zombieland Amazon TV series? Literally everything! Thanks to Twinkie Gods, this show has been boxed and the franchise has been saved for a subsequent film that brings together Tallahassee, Wichita, Little Rock and Columbus! Director Ruben Fleischer is back to direct and we could see the band dealing with new types of undead and Little Rock as adults. We would also like to see Bill Murray's head being transported for the whole movie.

3 From hell (TBA release date)

The musician and director Rob Zombie shocked us all when he announced that he was not alone The Devil & # 39; s Rejects obtaining a sequel, but that the film was already in pre-production (and is now in the editing process). How the surviving members of the Firefly family survived? Did the devil reject them? In any case, the fans love Captain Spaulding and the band and they do not see the time to see their evil return with their mouths open!

Depraved (TBA release date)

The good guys at Glass Eye Pix have another nail for us. This time it seems to be the stab of writer and director Larry Fessenden a Frankenstein-type of history. All we know so far is that our field doctor is affected by PTSD and starts creating a creation from parts of the human body and brings them to life. Fan of Supermassive Games Until dawn played by Rami Malek could remember the creator Fessenden as co-author of the games and character of Ahab who tries to save the surviving teenagers.

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