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It's New Year's Eve and if you happen to not party to 2019 or even want to tune in to see the ball fall on Time Square's tonight, you might consider celebrating the end of 2018 by looking at one of its biggest movies, Avengers: Infinity War. Now we know how we can make this experience even better by calling the arrival of Thor in Wakanda in the new year.

As Infinity War fans know, one of the more hopeful moments of the film is Thor's (Chris Hemsworth) arrival in Wakanda with Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel) next to him, the trio has successfully purchased Stormbreaker – the weapon that is strong enough to kill Thanos (Josh Brolin). Although things do not go exactly as planned and Thanos still sweeps half of the population of the universe with one blow, the epic nature of that arrival remains good, epic and a good choice to start 2019.

To time that moment at midnight, wherever you are, it's actually quite simple: start the movie exactly at 10:14:32. By hitting the game at exactly the same time, Thor makes sure that Thor will help Earth-bound heroes just like 2018 ends and 2019 begins.

This very specific timing is only the latest trend, so the rounds on social media have been broadcasting several films and songs and other entertainment items in recent weeks so that specific moments are ushered in in 2019. Yesterday, Netflix suggested a "perfect" way to be the new year to start watching Shrek at 10:39:04 so the Eddie Murphy and Smash Mouth version of "I'm a Believer" will play right at midnight.

Like big green oars or even Infinity War are not quite your idea of ​​a great New Year's Eve, Infinity War star Robert Downey Jr. made his own suggestion on Twitter earlier today and shares the exact timing with Iron Man 3 so that at the same time it becomes midnight in reality and in the film, allowing viewers to celebrate the new year with Tony Stark himself.

Of course, no matter how you choose to celebrate the end of 2018, for Marvel fans there is a lot to look forward to in 2019. Captain Marvel will appear in the cinema in March, while fans will see what comes after Thanos & # 39; click Avengers: endgame opening in theaters on April 26, 2019.

What do you think? Will you celebrate the New Year with Thor & # 39; s temporary triumphant arrival in Wakanda, Tony Stark in Iron Man 3or check out Shrek instead? Let us know in the comments below.