& # 39; Russian Kim Kardashian & # 39; Anastasiya Kvitko leaves almost nothing to the imagination in the recent snapshot

The shapely model Anastasiya Kvitko, nicknamed the "Russian Kim Kardashian" of Instagram for her extreme hourglass figure, has won over 9.4 million followers on the photo sharing site – thanks to her sexy and provocative photos she shares every week for excite his admirers.

To the delight of her fans, the model took her account on Saturday morning and published a picture of herself in which she left little imagination when wearing a white bra and a white thong. And to look fashionable, she wrapped a transparent fabric around her waist to partially cover her peach-colored back.

Anastasiya wore her brown curls in soft curls, applied a lot of highlighter to accentuate her cheekbones and opted for a tender pink lipstick to bring out her full lips. As for the accessories, she wore a bracelet in one hand and some delicate teardrop earrings to keep it simple but charming.

Anastasiya, who calls himself AK, has published two photos with the same dress. In the first, he hit a side pose to expose the main sideboob standing against the backdrop of a bungalow. And in the second, he turned his back on the camera to show off his famous 41-inch booty that earned his immense popularity among his fans.

Both images have collected a total of 335,000 likes at the time of writing this article, along with nearly 4,000 comments in which fans and followers expressed their admiration for the model physique of the twenty-six model.

Before publishing the current photo, AK surprised his fans by posting a photo in a royal blue crop top and a pair of matching shorts that, compared to the other bright shots, provided a remarkable coverage to his body.

Anastasiya straightened her hair, put on a face full of nude makeup and lifted her chin to pose. Many of her fans noticed that AK looked like a barbie doll in the picture, while others accused her of having changed the image.

Although she denies it, according to a Russian website called SlavorumAnastasiya was chased by paparazzi on one of Miami's beaches and leaked photos revealed that on her stomach there were visible stretch marks that can never be seen on her Instagram photos.

Likewise, many people also suspect that Anastasiya turned her figure into the perfect hourglass through surgical improvements, but the model denied the allegations, saying that she achieved her desirable figure through a combination of exercises.

According to an article by Daily Mail, AK has revealed that she likes to see her breasts and asses, and does not appreciate very thin girls, adding that one has to be careful with American girls.

"[American girls] they often go through surgeries and pour fat into their funds taken from other parts of their body. And my body is natural. I only had surgery – my appendix was removed. "