A famous artist who cries because of his house due to an unexpected gift

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Date: Saturday 15 September,

News from the Paris Newsletter – The Kuwaiti actress and presenter Hanadi Al-Kandari showed up during a video clip of the moment she arrived at her house, bringing a precious gift to her housekeeper, Sarah, who was celebrating her birthday .

"My dear," said Al-Kandari during the video, which she published through her account on Alsnab Chat, noting that the housekeeper and when she learned that the gift is gold she began to cry.

Hanadi al-Kandari looked very pretty during her rehearsal and opened the gift.

"Al-Kandari" completed the performances of her latest comedy titled "Dreams" written by Othman Al-Shatti, and was recently filmed to play her role in the series "the case of Hanan" before meeting her husband Mohamed Haddad in series "Hakayat small" which is currently filmed in Kuwait Under the direction of director Sultan Khosroh and in collaboration with a large number of Kuwait stars and Gulf drama.

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