A new crisis to hit Mohammed Rashad after the cancellation of his marriage

A new crisis hits Mohamed Rashad after the cancellation of his wedding Saqr News, quote Giuloli, we publish a new crisis to hit Mohammed Rashad after the cancellation of his marriage, a new crisis to hit Muhammad Rashad after the cancellation of his marriage, we send you our visitors New News Today through our news and start the news, Mohamed Rashad after the cancellation of his marriage.

Saqr News The Egyptian artist Mohamed Rashad, the star of the Arab Idol program, has ended with the shock of canceling his wedding ceremony at the presenter Mei Helmi, until he was surprised by a big new shock for his songs that he has presented since he entered the artistic field.

Producer Hani Mahrous has removed a large number of Mohammad Rashad songs from social networking sites and YouTube, due to infringements of the rights of producer NJ Music Production.

Hani Mahrous, the owner of NJ Music Production, the owner of Rashad's sound experience, said in a press statement: "The singer did not follow the terms of the contract between him and the company that produced it, so he decided remove his numbers from the communication sites and the most recent number "sense" days ».

He added: "This decision based on the text of the court the right of producer Hani Mahrous and NJ Music in the good execution of the said singer, and that he has the power to put songs with other companies on a platform or a channel or radio station only after the end of the contract between them and Will continue in 2022 ».

Hani Mahrous confirmed that he took this step after Mohammad Rashad went too far in creating problems and insulting his character and his team, and insisted on recording new songs from some production companies and to bring them into conflict with the conditions of the contract that was previously concluded with NJ Music.

Rashad had the song "sense," a word by Amr Masri, composed by Alaa Al-Rawi, and the distribution of Amr Ismail.

This song had to be presented by Mohammed Rashad, his fiancé and then broadcaster Mai Helmi before the wedding was canceled before scheduled hours.

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source: Julula