A new love? So please! I am 80 years old

A new love? So please! I am 80 years old

How please?
Well, the rain. Let's hope. After the extremely hot days it should be much colder on my birthday – and the rain. This is my gift to humans, animals, plants.

Did you suffer from the heat?
Yes, yes. I do not remember being so hot for so long.

Do you sometimes want to come back dear friends and colleagues?
So many died. Harald Juhnke, Sigi Rauch, Klaus Wildbolz, Günter Pfitzmann or Wolfgang Rademann – this makes me very sad. They have all left gaps, they never close anymore. I feel that death is near. Sometimes I find myself calling Harald or Sigi. Speak, exchange, as before. In my thoughts, they remain alive.

Is it bad to talk about death?
It's terrible, but death is one of those. I hope, at some point, I fall asleep or fall while Udo Jürgens walks.

We come to the most beautiful themes.
My children?

For example, Live in a Mehrgenerationenhaus with your daughter Nicole and your son Tristan. Are the two the best source of youth?
It certainly keeps you awake and alert, something is always going on. We all have our own front door, but mine is always open.

Is there a place for a new man? A new love?
For the love of God, do not ask me honestly.

And if.
So please! Now I am 80 years old. I completed this topic.

Grit Boettcher: exploited by former men?

Love is not ageless?
Hmm. I've had great men in my life. What I have noticed is that some of the reports about me tell me that I have been exploited by men. No, wrong. But one. But with everyone else it was nice, it does not always have to be forever. When it's over, you need to be able to finish.

Perhaps this kind of you very sure of yourself, especially before many irritated?
Could be. I've always worked a lot, earned my money, wanted to be independent. My daughter Nicole likes to say she wants me to go to Mallorca with her or go to this party. But I do not need holidays or parties and I like to say no. There's always been so much excitement in my life. I feel lonely among many people, so I can stay home right away. I'm calling Senile World Flight. This has nothing to do with age, I already had it at the age of 40.

While colleagues came out for a drink, did you go to bed?
I have never smoked and at best drink a beer diluted with water.

"I'll keep my fingers from Botox"

You never crashed but lifted – how?
Even from Botox I leave my fingers. It would be too expensive for me. My only drug is the love of the public.

Does it hurt when launch offers become less?
Nope. At my age, there are very few roles. My principle is: to be an agreement. I climbed the mountain, I stayed there for a long time and now it's slowly coming down.

They play so wonderfully without attention.
This has always been important to me. Do not be bitter, do not moan. Life is too good for this – and too short.

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