Aaron Paul becomes Jesse Pinkman again: this is the movie "Breaking Bad"

It has just been announced that the cult series "Breaking Bad" will continue with a feature film. What he's talking about and who's playing with it is not clear – now he brings Slashfilm's colleagues to light in the dark …

AMC will produce three films about the legendary "The Walking Dead" Rick Grimes, which are sequels of the series action – this is not the only surprising news that series fans are discussing these days. Because the station wants to continue another successful series as a film: "Breaking Bad" on the former chemistry teacher and talented drug chef Walter White (Bryan Cranston) will return as a film, shooting will begin this month.

The content was known only previously that it should go to a man who was kidnapped and looking for freedom. He writes well Slashfilmthat the man is none other than the former assistant of Walter White Jesse Pinkman. If the colleagues are right, the fans are not looking forward to seeing Aaron Paul again, for a follow-up to "Breaking Bad"!

This is known as the plot of the movie "Breaking Bad"

Attention, spoiler at the end of "Breaking Bad": Walter White aka Heisenberg is dead – he died in a drug kitchen shortly after finishing a group of neo-Nazis in a bloody fight. The criminals had, among other things, brought Jesse into their power. He was forced to cook the famous meth and had to watch his love, Andrea (Emily Rios), be killed as a punishment after a failed attempt to escape. With Walters' attack, Jesse finally arrived free. But while driving his car in the night, laughing madly, this last attitude remained for long spectators in the arts.

It was clear: Jesse, who had made many bad decisions, but always had a good core, would still have had to nibble what he had in the final, the one he has lived in the five seasons "Breaking Bad". So as it is, the author and creator of the Vince Gilligan series will see Jesse's freedom struggle continue in the untitled "Breaking Bad" movie. Bryan Cranston will be gone (unless there are flashbacks or Gilligan does not decide that the scene of Walter White's death was not a scene of death).

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