Adamari López sends a message to Dayanara Torres to defy cancer - TVyNovelas

Now that Dayanara Torres known that suffers from skin cancer, Adamari López He used the opportunity to send a message of support to the former Miss Universe, because she was living in the flesh.

That is why the Puerto Rican asked her to always be positive during this hard process that she encounters. "That he has a lot of confidence that he will come forward, that he will recover and that he has a very good attitude, I think that is part of the recovery of every disease and every difficult moment, so I want you to have a positive attitude because everything else will be brought into line so that she can do it right, "he said.

Do not forget that Marc Anthony's ex-partner invited people to go to the doctor as soon as they saw something strange in her body, because she left a lot of time for a mole who appeared because she did not care.

"Please, do not forget to take care of yourself," Dayanara Torres said.

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