Adamari López stays in hospital and her daughter sends her a message

Because of the influenza virus, the Puerto Rican actress Adamari López stays in the hospital of Miami, Florida, so that she continues to receive specialized treatment.

Currently she is very grateful to the hospital, the doctors and her followers for the messages of support and encouragement, she said in a statement.

She also remains very positive and with the desire to recover as soon as possible and to return to the program Un Nuevo Día, at Telemundo, where she is host.

On 15 October, the actress revealed that she had not felt very well in recent days and went to the hospital to receive medical help, but her condition was complicated and she was admitted to hospital.

The Spanish choreographer Toni Costa, the boyfriend of Adamari and the father of his daughter, told a local newspaper that the strong flu affecting her lungs was in danger, so the period of hospitalization had to be extended to complete a full recovery.

Although the & # 39; Ada & # 39; -couple is missing her, as well as her fans who already want her back in Un Nuevo Día, the one who suffered the most because of the absence of the presenter her daughter.

Through his Instagram profile, the Spanish dancer shared a tender video in which the baby, who is only 3 years old, dedicates a message to her mother and expresses her desire to quickly improve her health.

He also confirmed that the actress has been disciplined and the doctors have obeyed, knowing that it is very important that the lungs recover.

The presenter and actress is one of the thousands of people who have suffered complications from the influenza virus.

According to the health authorities, this disease kills between 12,000 and 56,000 people every year.

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