Adrián Uribe out of the hospital and takes care of himself "the triple"

Adrián Uribe out of the hospital and takes care of himself "the triple"

"Thank God we are already at home, thank you once again for your prayers, now to take care of the triple, blessings for everything," said Adrián Uribe through social networks.

With this look Adrian Uribe faces his new life after his health crisis


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The actor, 45, was operated for the fourth time on July 31 in Mexico City by a crack in the gut because, according to sources cited in the Mexican press, he did not monitor his health during the recovery process, is even he went to Russia during the soccer world cup is fell to 10 pounds (which is around 22 pounds).

It is worth remembering that when you go out the third intervention Uribe said he had a divine revelation assuming he would have to take things more calmly, even though he was not at all rested during the recovery process, as the doctors had already said.

"I had a meeting with God, it was a beautiful thing, despite what I was living in. They will say that it was the effects of anesthesia and all the medicines, but I had a very nice meeting with him. I felt I had to touch the bottom to get this second air in my life, "said Uribe.

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Thanks to everyone who wrote to me. Thanks for everything, honey. We passed a test more thanks to God and now if we take care of the recovery at 100. I love you! 🙏

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On this occasion, Uribe was on vacation in the marina of Acapulco, Guerrero (Pacific Coast of Mexico) when he felt severe abdominal pain and returned to Mexico City for urgent surgery. later He spent some days in intensive care.

For this reason, after leaving this fourth operation linked to the same health problem, Uribe expressed in his networks that he must now take care of the triple, observing one hundred percent his recovery.