After Elissa .. Assi Helani reveals her recovery from "serious illness" (Video)

After Elissa .. Assi Helani reveals her recovery from "serious illness" (Video)

After Elissa .. Assi Helani reveals her recovery from "serious illness" (Video)

The Lebanese artist Asi El-Hellani revealed that he was exposed to a difficult medical condition two years ago during the filming of The Voice's previous season.

"Without the support of his family, his fans and his fans, he could not overcome this crisis and the difficult stage," said the Lebanese star in a comment to ABC News.

Asi Helani has denied her previous illness to her fellow countryman Elissa. "During the filming of the Voice program, he hid his breast cancer, and his colleagues never felt they had any problem and were dealing with a wonderful spirit," he said.

But he stressed that "he learned from a friend shared between him and Elissa who is going through a difficult psychological period without identifying the reasons and details, so he was eager to be polite and talk to her during the shooting of the Voice to feel happy".

Assi Al-Hellani, who hosted the Humane group last Ramadan, said that during 2016 he underwent a delicate operation and installed bones on his feet. He was attending the second season of The Voice on a wheelchair.

He stressed that once during the filming of "The Voice" excited and stopped to greet his team, the doctor called him at the interval and asked him to sit down, adding that the artist "always requested to bring pleasure and joy to his audience, even if he went through difficult crises ".

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