After tackling Dick Cheney, & # 39; vice & # 39; producers are monitoring climate change

Filmmakers Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner have tackled politically charged subjects, both mysterious (the financial crisis explainer of "The Big Short") and opaque (the Dick Cheney biopic "Vice"), and it seems that there is no shortage of comparable feeds for future projects.

So what topic is ripe for the couple's expository-yet-entertaining lens? "Climate change", according to Gardner, who participated with Kleiner in a screening Wednesday of "Vice" in the Newseum.

The duo also shook the criticism of their image on the screen of former vice president Cheney, who came out after star Christian Bale used his Golden Globe speech Sunday to thank Satan for inspiring his performance. "It is not a consensus film," Kleiner said. & # 39; And that has never been the intention, & # 39; threw Gardner.

As far as showing the film to a jaded Washington audience – many of them were journalists and other political hands who experienced the ex-Veep IRL – they seemed humbled. "It's great that people can even take the time," Kleiner remarked, and rightly so: the news cycle of the day had been hectic, even according to Trump's standards, with attention dragging from the White House to the Capitol, where the President met. with legislators about the closure of the government.

Good news that was interrupted for several hours – the screening was attended by what appeared to be half of the city's news agency, including head of CNN, Sam Feist, CNBC correspondent John Harwood and Susan Today, head of the USA Today Bureau . Congressional visit also seemed pause: we saw Rep. Tom Malinowski (DN.J.) at work in the hall and we saw representatives among the audience. Ami Bera (California), Madeleine Dean (Pa.), Robin L. Kelly (Ill.), Marc Veasey (Tex.), And Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC) – all Dems, natch.

The Fourth Estate of the city clearly needed a night of sort distraction (yes, the film was about politics, but it was still worthy of popcorn). Our proof? The crowd at the bar. Listed by a bunch of White House reporters who looked up for a glass taxi: "I needed this – it was like that day."