After the video Khaled Youssef sexual .. Commentary suspicious by the artist Sandy (launch video)

The Egyptian actress Sandi responded to what is being said that artists are subject to sexual compromises in exchange for a technical opportunity, against the backdrop of the sex video scandal of the famous director Khaled Youssef, accompanied by young artists Mona Farouk and Shima Haj.

Asked if she had been exposed to such a situation, Sandy stated in an interview with "Erm News": "I joined Palosi art and I am not worried about this topic".

The famous case in Egypt began with the dissemination of sex videos by artists Mona Farouk and Cheema El Haj with director Khaled Youssef on social networking sites before a new video was leaked to Mona El Ghadban. It all turns to the authorities investigative, among the speeches of other artists in these videos, that a lawyer claims to count up to 200 movies.