Agata Mutseniece complained that during the family conflicts Pavel Priluchny scared her with her divorce

15:07, 03/15/2019

The actress spoke about her relationship with her husband in the show "Friday with Regina".

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The heroine of the new release of the show "Friday with Queen" became Agatha Muceniece. The actress came to Regina Todorenko with her 3-year-old daughter Mia. Agatha spoke frankly about family conflicts, relationships with her husband Pavel Priluchny and parents. Moreover, Mutsenietse admitted that the spouse wants to have another child, but the actress herself is still opposed to becoming the mother of many children. "Pasha wants another child, but I don't know anything yet. I want to dedicate this year to my career. It seems to me that in our age it is never late. You could be late and not see the age of 3 years of your child. When it feeds the doll and when it is a very touching child, and you will not be late with your career, " – note Agatha.

He told Mutseniyets that there was jealousy of an actor between her and her spouse. "If he weren't there, if he wasn't stronger than me, I probably wouldn't be with him. I'm a woman who should be a man. I have to lose him because he's a strong man", – Said the actress, denying the voices that are in charge of the family she, not the wife.

Agata Mutseniece with her daughter on a visit to Regina Todorenko

According to Agatha, Pavel Priluchny is one of the best fathers on the planet. The actress has even confessed that she would like to have a parent like her husband: "I would certainly have wanted a dad like me. He loves to play. Sometimes he even starts to compete too much with the children in the game. Sometimes he even gets to tears." True, in the apparently ideal family of Priluchny, sometimes serious conflicts occur. Thus, at the end of May of last year, Agatha and Paul provoked rumors of a divorce. They unsubscribed from one another on Instagram, and later claimed to have put their marriage "on break", asking not to interfere in their relationship.

In the show "Friday with Queen", Mutsenietse said that after that conflict, her husband had not lived at home for some time. Moreover, Priluchny spoke of divorce. In general, according to Agatha, Pavel is often frightened by separation during conflicts. "I'm already starting to clear this from the crisis of 7-year relationships. We got caught up in a small thing. And then it all started like a snowball. And Pasha has such a habit – Say "divorce" immediately. I thought that if he said that, I would teach him a lesson and we would really divorce him. Even if we get married again, let us know that you can't say these words" – remembered the actress. Despite everything, the couple managed to find the strength to talk to each other and make peace. Furthermore, the couple's meeting coincided with the seventh anniversary of their marriage. Agatha herself noted that, after such a serious conflict, she and her husband realized that they needed to talk more and not harbor resentment.

Pavel Priluchny and Agatha Muceniece

Jealousy becomes one of the causes of conflicts in the Priluchny family. "We always have it, yes. More often jealous of Pasha. As a girl, I'm not flirting, but I have a little something that makes me smile, laugh" he said to Agatha. The same Mutseniece claims to respond rather coldly to the abundance of fan lovers who besiege her husband in social networks. True, Pavel himself, according to Agatha, has already changed his phone number three times in the last two months. "I immediately told him:" If you want to change or leave, don't hide. I will not carry the brain. I'll let myself go, " – observed the actress.

In the process of the conversation between Regina and Agatha, the conversation turned to the father of the actress. Mutsenietse said the parent died too soon. He was just over 40 years old. The cause of a man's sudden death was liver cirrhosis. According to Agatha, her husband somehow reminds her of her father, because he also has a relationship. "Pasha is generally addicted. She also has this love for me, she is quite inadequate. She is unhealthy. For example, I can't go to the beach with the children right now, because he won't let me go. I know we can fight. new start: "Divorce! If you go to the sea: divorce! " – Agatha complained.

Agatha Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny filled wedding tattoos

Wedding photo of Pavel Priluchny and Agatha Muceniece

We recall that at the beginning of January the public was shocked by the news that the star of the Major series, Pavel Priluchny, on the eve of the new year would have beaten his wife Agatha Mutseniets. The PR director of the actress was reported to have turned to the police Mariam Khalilova, who said her husband raised his hand to her husband and didn't even let her out of the house. The next day, Agatha denied the rumors in a rather harsh way. In her microblog on Instagram, the actress published a photo showing the middle finger. Yes, and Paul himself a week later ridiculed the rumors that he raised his wife's hand.

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