Ahmad Al-Saadani thanks the producers of "Diamond Dust" for this reason

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Posted: Tuesday, September 11, 2018 – 11:16 Last updated: Tuesday 11 September,

Ahmed Al-Saadani was very impressed by the film "Diamond Dust".

After watching the film, Al-Saadani expressed his admiration for his industry and expressed his admiration for him, writing through his Twitter account to confirm that he did not like watching a movie in the cinema like this for a long time .

The film "The Dust of Diamonds" with Yasser Yassin, Mona Shalabi, Majid Alkdwani, Sherin Reda, Iyad Nassar, Mohammed Mamdouh, Sabreen, Ahmed Kamal, Mohammed Sharnubi and Tara Imad and Sami Maghawri and Bayoumi Fuad and the Lebanese Adel Karam in addition to great star Izzat al-Alaili,

"The Dust of Diamonds" is the third collaboration between the director Marwan Hamed and the screenwriter Ahmed Murad and revolves around Taha, a pharmacist who lives a boring life with his father and when a mysterious murder occurs, the whole world of Taha collapses forever.

The film is sponsored by FilFan.com.

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