American military equipment stolen in Lviv - Military Review

From a military department store in Lviv, unknown people stole equipment that the United States had donated to the Ukrainian authorities as part of an international aid program, reported RIA Novosti with reference to the State Office for Research of Ukraine.

The total damage due to theft amounted to more than $ 165,400. Among the stolen, there are 7 thermal sights and 8 night vision devices.

Researchers believe that the theft was possible because of the warehouse manager's negligence in his duties. As a preventive measure, the court chose arrest for him. Researchers and agents are currently trying to find the stolen.

The situation was commented by the FAN columnist Yuri Kitten.

According to him, this is a very normal practice for the Ukrainian army, not only for the present, but also for the entire period after the Soviet period.

On the basis of the quasi-ideology, which is in fact the ideology of only a small part of the population, and the imposition of neo-avanderism, most normal people can not be united,

writes columnist.

But mostly ordinary people serve in the army. And normal people, both civilians and soldiers, have long been disappointed with the authorities' experiments with the consciousness of the Ukrainians. All this leads to the overthrow of ideals, he adds.

According to Kitten, hence the low motivation of soldiers, theft and bribery. That is why weapons and ammunition regularly disappear from Ukrainian warehouses and then the same warehouses suddenly explode and burn, the journalist is certain.