An aperitif with … Fire! Chatterton

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Fire! Chatterton in the bar Chez Jeannette, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis in Paris, January 8. FRÉDÉRIC STUCIN FOR "THE WORLD"

Moldings on the ceiling. Central zinc. Mirrors and formica. "Still in this little harbor / The time is up / But where are you going? And my anger is diluted in an ocean of calm, and fluid / You that I see in the mirror, tell me, who are you? (Yes , tell him) That's it, here it is, here I am stiff … "

At Jeannette & # 39; s. Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, Paris. Ex-bar prolo transformed ten years ago, like the district, in hype hut post-Henry Miller. This is where the five fingers of Fire! Chatterton, to whom we owe this song, The Comedy (2018), made an appointment. That's true, in the street next door, in the studio Le Phonographe, they record it, as their last album, the Fowler (Universal).

Arthur and Clément flood grogs ("A grog is smart, it looks like a reasonable man drink, but it is not at all …", says in laughing singer), Antoine and Seb drink their pints, while Raphael makes a nest with mayonnaise eggs disappear into his bushy beard.

On the crowded banquettes of this noisy café, these funny birds leave their clothes dull of poets or shadowy rockers of which they usually adorn themselves. to calm their bodies by a river tour: 140 dates with a stopover in the Zenith of Paris, 24 January – "We all went to yoga," says the drummer, who shows acrobatic photo 's of their pre – set warm – ups in a tight backstage.

A band of super tear

They are 30 years old, more or less. And a family tree turned out to be a director of human resources. A normist, Sébastien Wolf, and a centralist, Clément Doumic, hold guitars and keyboards. Arthur Teboul, the charismatic singer, made Sup de Co, when Raphael de Pressigny, who later drummed, later graduated from HEC ("I spent three years in the school rehearsal studio").

In this class of super-cracks, Antoine Wilson would almost be a damper, he who was always destined to make classical music, and that student was at the Rueil-Malmaison Conservatory (Hauts-de-Seine) in the double bass class before you is turned away from the straight path.

From left to right: Clement Doumic, Antoine Wilson, Arthur Teboul, Sebastian Wolf and Raphael de Pressigny: Fire! Chatterton in the bar Chez Jeannette, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis in Paris, January 8. FRÉDÉRIC STUCIN FOR "THE WORLD"

She does not care. "The only real quality I found at my business school is to quickly understand that it would be unbearable for me." Preparatory lessons, it is difficult, but it is intellectually rich, these are the humanities, the strictness of thought, The reasoning: You have your nose on the wheel You are like a racehorse with an immense field And then, at the business school, you realize that we are actually bringing you to a carousel. "Executive management" : the term itself is ugly, it could give ideas to Houellebecq ", sighs Arthur Teboul and falls back to the bottom of the bank.

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