"Are you going to eat like that?" The fans are amazed by the tight outfit of Lena Meyer-Landrut

Lena Meyer-Landrut has published two hot photos. She looks a bit like a former pop star. Fans are stunned by their tight outfit.

Update: Lena publishes hot more sea photo

Lena met Meyer-Landrut on Thursday evening. And she was getting ready for dinner and putting on her earrings.

"You become more beautiful every day", a fan says immediately. "Is that how you are going to eat?", Asks another person what the tight outfit is.

Lena Meyer-Landrut makes a hot photo on Instagram – fans confuse her with another star

Mykonos – While late summer in Germany is slowly but surely approaching its inevitable end, singer Lena Meyer-Landrut does not get much of it at the moment. The 27-year-old, who will release her new studio album in November, is enjoying a sunny break on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos and her fans will not be neglected.

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"Früchtchen" Lena captivates her fans from the holiday

Known for turning her head on her followers on Instagram with hot insights into their lives, Meyer-Landrut announced Wednesday with a snapshot of the pool from her time-out, which she only received from a tight swimsuit with stylish lemon print The singer also sent warm and fruity stylish greetings from the Greek archipelago on Thursday. This time the lemon had to serve another fruit.

"Peachy" – which means both peach and "wonderful" – is on the cap, which the 27-year-old wears, while she looks luxuriantly in the lens of her smartphone. In addition, Lena wears a strapless black top that gives a good view of her, tanned by the Greek sun, body. Also a message to her followers, the singer with: "Good morning, a nice day, today try to be your best friend, appreciate yourself and love yourself."

Video: Lena shows her stretch marks

Lena reminds her fans of another superstar: "Here you look like …"

A request that seems to appeal to their fans. "Why do you always say exactly what fits? Thanks Leni," writes a user on Instagram. "Inspiration since day one", another fan praises the singer. But the appearance of the 27-year-olds in the comments offers a lot of discussion, because many followers feel in the latest Lena image that another pop star remembers.

"Here you look like Victoria Beckham", you read in the comments column. "You look like Victoria Beckham on the picture, can decide for yourself whether that is good or bad," writes another user. The German winner of the ESC also reminds other fans of the English "Spice Girl" and the wife of former football player David Beckham. It remains to be hoped that the 27-year-old, unlike her British double, laughed at photos.

Spice-girl and player-woman Victoria Beckham.

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