Ariana Grande fans boycott & # 7; rings & # 39; for unexpected reasons

Ariana Grande fans have launched a strange boycott of the singer's last singer, "7 Rings", hoping to put her new at the top of the charts.

Grande has released a new single called "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" last week, the day before his full album, Thanks to U, the next He came out. The song exploded in the charts, but was unable to reach the status number one, since "7 Rings" was still an obstacle. The biggest fans of Grande – the self-described "Arianator" – have decided to help her in this.

The hashtag "Boycott 7 Rings" is, ironically, full of Big's biggest fans. They are hoping to spread the news, making sure that more fans stop listening to "7 Rings" on streaming services and other platforms so that "Break with your girlfriend, I'm bored" can triumph.

The idea is that Grande would then have three number one hits on his last record. this would be historical, making Grande the first artist to have three singles from an album on Board Hot 100 chart. Fans want her to realize this dream, and she's not trying to stop them.

"Tweet # BOYCOTT7RINGS to show your solidarity," a fan begged for Great while the hashtag was starting to take steam. Great was amused by the idea, telling fans that they were "sick" and that "this is a wild time" for them. In the beginning, he was just enjoying the enthusiasm, indifferent to the result.

"You're all so crazy and funny and I love you," he tweeted Wednesday. "Nothing is more fun than" boycotting seven rings "… I can not do it, whatever it's meant to be, baby, I'm not going anywhere # thankunext."

In both cases, Grande is in first place in this scenario. The singer is in an enviable position to have two songs fighting for dominance in the pop charts. He joins a very small cast of musicians to also have two tracks from an album on the list, including Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Drake.

In the end, Grande tweeted the hashtag after pushing it hard enough for the fans. In the end, the singer replied to a fan, writing: "jesus okay # boycott7rings are you happy now?"

One of the most notable parts of Grande's success with his new album and the last three singles is that only three months have passed since his last studio album, Sweetener, He came out. Big itself admitted that Thanks to U, the next they met in no time, shortly after the death of her former boyfriend Mac Miller and the dissolution of her engagement with Pete Davidson.

"I did it with my best friends over a small period of time, and it saved my life," said Grande during the interview on the Zach Sang Show at the start of this month. "It was a bit like this super stimulating chapter that sucked, and then my friends made it awesome and special."