Ariana Grande travels during the performance of "Ellen", releases the video of "Breathin & # 39;

Ariana Grande debuts with "Thank U, Next" in "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". (Photo: Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.)

The great Wednesday of Ariana Grande, in which she debuted his ballad about his ex, "Thank U, Next" on "Ellen" before leaving a new music video for "Breathin", was almost impeccable, except for a small, literal misstep.

During the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday, the singer got her "First Wives Club", stuck between two dancers dressed all in white.

Grande also shared the moody new clip for "Breathin" at noon, spending most of the video wrapped in smoke, with other scenes showing the world moving in a blur around her as she walks through the crowd.

During the performance of "Thank U Next" on "Ellen", Grande stumbled as she tried to get off a chair she was dancing on with high-heeled boots. It seems that his left boot was trapped in the asymmetrical and fluid cloth attached to his dress.

"My God!" Grande let himself slip away, before returning to the microphone to continue his performance. Apparently capable of finding humor in the moment, he later let out a chuckle.

Unfortunately for Grande, that was not his only gaffe. Even if she made an exit from the stage that undoubtedly Elise, Brenda and Annie would be proud of – climbing the stairs while doing the "First Wives" moves – it turns out she should have stayed around to talk to the ; host.

"If it's gone, if it's gone," commented a DeGeneres surprise of her fleeing host.

"Should we come down?" the Great got confused after she returned to the stage. "I thought we should go out?"

"No," DeGeneres replied.

"Oh my bad, I thought we had to go out on top, my bad," said Grande.

"It's all right", said DeGeneres. "We're glad you're back."

Grande also got excited while performing and seemed to suffocate at some point during the performance.

His lyrics of "Thank U, Next", which fell on Saturday night, just before his "boyfriend on Saturday night" of the ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson, aired, celebrates the pursuit of happiness with his new love (her) after the failed relationships with the comedian, as well as Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez and the late Mac Miller.

The anthem shares the self-empowering atmosphere with "First Wives", a film favored by Grande. While singing "Ellen", Grande and her dancers did the same dance moves as the vengeful wives starring Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton, celebrating their independence while playing "You Do not Own Me" at the end of 1996 film.

Grande has played for the first time since he stopped collaborating with Davidson for the NBC special "A Very Wicked Halloween: Celebrating 15 Years on Broadway", broadcast on October 29th, a few days after the announcement of a world tour for his latest album "Sweetener".

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