Art Today: Rania Youssef raises controversy with her latest comments on Nadia El Gendy

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The last Egyptian artist and artist Rania Youssef was married for 12 years with producer Mohamed Mokhtar, free actress Nadia El Gendy. Rania said her relationship with the club was very good.

After Rania's separation from Mukhtar, the differences between Rania and Nadia began to appear. It started when Rania Youssef said she refused to work with Nadia El Gendy, and found that working with her would not add anything to her.

The Egyptian artist Rania Youssef recently met Nadia El-Gendy at the El Gouna film festival, both ignored the other, Rania asked this via the program "INZoeker" on Dubai TV and said she did not know the mystery of the dispute.

Rania added during the program that it is normal for every artist to have people who do not like him and she knows that there are people who do not like her, so she said earlier that she did not like the films of the artist Nadia al-Jundi. finds.

The Egyptian artist pointed out that she did not see any Nadia film, except Al Batiniya, as she had previously seen in the movie "The Desire" for director Ali Badrakhan.

Rania Youssef presents the character of a bad woman in the film The Brain of a Demon & # 39; and also participates in & # 39; The Hornet & # 39; s Nest & # 39 ;.

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