Beat the Star: "Beat the Star": Faisal Kawusi def. "Gladiator" Ralf Moeller

Beat the Star: "Beat the Star": Faisal Kawusi def. "Gladiator" Ralf Moeller

The heavyweight duel of "Beat the Star" produced a clear winner! The comedian Faisal Kawusi won the second highest against the star of "Gladiator" Ralf Moeller.

The moderator "Hercules vs. Schwerkules" Elton announced the second summer issue of "Beat the Star". Actor Ralf Moeller (59 years, "Gladiator"
) he competed against the comedian Faisal Kawusi (27). The favorite seemed to be clear from the beginning. But in the end he surprisingly surprised the funny 140-pound man!

ProSieben had prepared nine games in total for the two candidates, the winner who waved at the end of a prize money of 50,000 euros. For match there were points as before the number of the game. Already at the beginning, Kawusi proved to be able to laugh at himself above all else and therefore quickly had the sympathy of the public on his side. "You are the thinnest for the first time", for example, he turned to Elton – the first of many self-deprecating sayings about his weight.

Here you can see Faisal Kawusi's live program "Do not believe everything you think"

Firstly, Ralf Moeller takes the lead …

The number one game called "Long Hammer", in which a number of nails must be beaten in fir wood within three minutes, wins very close to the universe of the Ralf Moeller universe. Also in the two game called "Tretsack" Faisal Kawusi is still behind. His conclusion: "The bag of fat verkackt the Tretsack".

… but then Faisal surprises Kawusi

In the third game "Geography", the 27 year old, but able to demonstrate the brain and recover significantly. He correctly advises five countries and levels the score at 3: 3. In Game Four, Moeller and Kawusi must guess who chose which of the three elements. During the game Faisal laughs at his own sayings. Example compliant? "I can read you like a stop sign," explains Moeller, and decides the game on its own!

From that moment on, the lucky comic strip with Afghan roots continues. In table tennis he defeats the tall German-American actor. And also in the sixth game "Who & # 39; s that?" He recognizes many more celebrities than his competitor, who has already filmed with Hollywood movies. Only the Kardashian clan Kendall Jenner and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and the inventor of the "Simpsons" do not recognize either of them … After the match you are already 18: 3 for Faisal Kawusi. But who is surprised? Finally, Ralf Moeller considers Eric Cartman of "Southpark" a Mainzelmännchen.

Game seven becomes a matchball game because of Faisal's advantage. Shooting with the bow is the supreme discipline of Kawusi. With a sure hand, he shoots almost the first shot and the last very deliberately in the middle of the black. His "best class" skills as an archer bring him to the end of the € 50,000 prize pool. Won high and deserved: Hercules is defeated!


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