Bebe Rexha and her polemic tanguita on Instagram to the image of the cross

Despite the rejection she received from various haute couture designers, the singer is not ashamed of her body and her curves

Bebe Rexha He changed social networks with one of the newest images he published on Instagram to promote what his new song is apparently. The theme will be mentioned "Last Hurray".

The singer sits in the countdown of the launch and the expectation campaign generated in their social networks has allowed her audience to see what the visual content of their production will be, because you can see the young artist in the images with clothing in latex, small tanguitas and stockings with holes seems the whole production erotic, as well as Gothic.

It is clear that the production will get a tone that is as irreverent as itself.

The singer was recently also news for her presence in the Grammy since she had two nominations, because prior to the ceremony she had no dress to wear at the gala because some designers had rejected her, noting that her body was too opulent. Faced with this clear rejection, the singer used her social networks to tell her audience about the situation, Demi Lovato was one of the first to respond in her favor.

In the end, the performer paraded with a red dress, the design of the house Monsoori Haute Couture.