"Beyond Appearances", Affective Family Wounds

"Beyond Appearances", Tuesday at 9:00 pm on France 3

On the eve of her 40th birthday, Manon Verdet, discrete teacher of a village in the Vosges, mysteriously disappears. Because the police do not worry too much and believe in a "midlifecrisis", her twin sister Alexandra (Helena Noguerra), back from Paris, where she is the star of a successful TV series, leads herself the investigation. Some members of his family seem to know more than they say about this disappearance.

Grand Prix of the best series at the Polar Festival of Cognac in October 2018, Beyond the appearance take the marked trails of the detective film, mixed with thriller, before you taste in the private drama. This adaptation of a Canadian series (apparitions, broadcast on public television in 2012) takes the time to close every character in this family for the harmful climate: the older brother, alcoholic idle self-destructive behavior, the youngest, whose cache life hides many mistakes (he cheats his wife refuses to accept the behavioral problems of his son …), the narcissistic and selfish sister, without forgetting the disappeared, who seemed obsessed by the celebrity of his twins to the point of stealing clothing.

The family, a poisonous potting soil

If the plot sometimes gives the feeling of drawing in length and writing dialogues that lack finesse, the series evokes pertinent questions about family relationships in six episodes: what is the nature of the band that binds the binoculars? Can we unknowingly escape in a house at the place assigned to us? What consequences of parental preferences can have for the psychological development of children?

Gnawed by unspoken and hateful feelings, a family can become a toxic breeding ground that poisons relationships and prevents members from flourishing. In the image of the elder, doubt about his identity was slowly destroyed. Pascal Demolon, the eternal broken mouth of French cinema, gives credibility to his need.

Cécile Jaurès

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