Boris Grebenshchikov praised the pig – Newspaper.Ru

Boris Grebenshchikov praised the pig – Newspaper.Ru

The Russian musician Boris Grebenshchikov said he thinks about the creativity of young artists.

"I like something, something is not very good." For example, it was suggested that Monetochka sing a duet with me in the title song of the third part of Yegor Baranov's "Gogol" (and I've always liked his films). But it did not work, I heard some of his songs, very well done, I congratulate his producers and his ", he told the newspaperMeter.


Grebenshchikov added that he also liked some of Vasi Oblomov's songs.

"It's wonderful, smart: both the heart and the head are in the right place, but this, unfortunately, is not enough," he added.

Previously, Sergei Shnurovhe took the side of the Monetochkain comparison with Zemfira.