Bougival: Emmanuel Macron and Stéphane Berna welcome the heritage

Before welcoming his guests in the afternoon at the Eliseo, Emmanuel Macron began his Heritage Day with a bucolic walk this Saturday morning at Bougival, a symbolic place for the fight against the degradation of French monuments launched by Stéphane Bern. In the aftermath of the lottery lottery destined to feed the funds of this struggle, the President of the Republic welcomed the "excellent results" of the mission that is the head of the television host, a specialist in history.

A Villa Viardot, owned by the singer and composer Pauline Viardot in the 19th centuryis century, Emmanuel Macron, accompanied by his wife Brigitte Macron, promised to "revive" this place today so dilapidated as to be closed to the public. It is even more urgent that the Villa, once restored for a cost of 3 million euros, will have to integrate the project of the European Music Center, a complex of 8 000 meters.2 brand new for the training of young artists. The set should be open in 2022.

Meanwhile, the French Games (FDJ) presented this Saturday a first check for € 500,000 to the mayor (SE) of Bougival, Luc Wattelle, so that the conservation work is started to prevent the building from "getting even worse" this year, winter, "said the city councilor. Faced with this "great cause", Stéphane Pallez, President and CEO of FDJ, has "welcomed the success" of the games launched for the occasion. Scratch cards, sold for 15 euros, have already found almost 3 million buyers in ten days. In addition, the Loto has recorded 14 million euros of participation, "is 30% more than a normal lot", greeted Stephane Pallez, whose company has planned to pay 15 to 20 million euros to the Heritage Foundation.

This last, which in addition to the Villa Viardot, has preserved 270 rows of monuments in danger, has estimated the amount necessary to launch all these rehabilitation projects to 50 million euros. "These 270 files are just a beginning," says Emmanuel Macron. "There is a great impulse in the face of all these blows to heritage," Stéphane Bern observes.In addition to Loto, there is an invitation to donations, to people but also to businesses, and many have already responded. for the gifts that the mischievous guest has launched to the winner of the Loto Heritage, a player from Haute-Garonne who has won, alone, 13 million euros. "If you want to make a check, we are buyers, moreover, it is tax free ! "

The house of the famous nineteenth-century singer is in ruins. LP / L.Mt.