Boxer yellow vest: "no political process" (lawyer Gendarmes and citizens)

The former professional boxer Christophe Dettinger will finally be tried on 13 February because he has attacked several mobile police officers during a demonstration of yellow vests on January 5th. Among the civil parties is the association Gendarmes and citizens. His lawyer regrets a tense climate that should not prevail over the judgment of the facts.

"I am insulting myself against this vision of a political trial, he is a lawyer who admits that he has committed serious violence", explains France-Soir Maître Jean-Philippe Morel. "This is a regrettably ordinary file, and we have been reporting for violence against the police for several weeks now." "In criminal law we judge facts and a personality"he recalls.

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For the civil party it should not be to try yellow vests or government policy, despite the pressure that can arise. "The atmosphere was extremely tense, the serenity needed for the debates was difficult to assure (at the first hearing on Wednesday 9, Ed). But the judges remained calm in respecting the rights of the defense and the civil party ", explains the lawyer of Gendarmes and citizens. He is of the opinion that an in-camera hearing would only take place on 13 Februaryto reinforce fantasies " to an alleged bias of justice, even if the idea remains possible in the case of serious disturbances that may affect the serenity of the debates.

If some police trade unions warned that the verdict would be "Investigated"Maître Morel remembers that "The civil party is not there to impose a criminal sanction"even if this opens the way for repairs. The association was civil party "to express solidarity between comrades-gendarmes " and "Wish to calm the spirits".

According to him, the strongest symbol is that Christophe Dettinger Apologizes because his word is now widely listened to and he himself admits that he has committed a serious offense. By making a video before he left, he knew he was going to make the noise and it made him an iconic figure. It remains to be seen whether the debates will succeed in escaping a very specific context and what the reactions to the verdict will be.

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