Brad Meltzer Employs ‘The Judas Contract’ To Clarify How He Feels About ‘The Escape Artist’ Spoilers

By Russ Burlingame
&#8211 March 12, 2018

When Brad Meltzer&#8217s latest thriller novel, The Escape Artist, hit the stands final Tuesday, the book&#8217s initial twist experienced already been blown &#8212 on objective, and by design.
The revelation that Nola Brown, the body brought into a morgue at the commence of the novel, was also the lady unveiled to be nevertheless alive and on the run by the finish of its initial chapter, is in the truest perception of the word a spoiler &#8212 and these who had not read through the formal synopsis or paid consideration to the guide&#8217s marketing mentioned in their GoodReads and Amazon evaluations that they ended up happy, because that initial shock kickstarted the e-book&#8217s twisting narrative arc. Meltzer, even though, does not believe so &#8212 even even though he acknowledges how a lot fun it is to go into these things chilly.
&#8220You locate that out in chapter one particular, so I don&#8217t believe that&#8217s a spoiler,&#8221 Meltzer informed ComicBook.com. &#8220In reality, you discover it on the guide flap &#8212 it&#8217s practically on the book flap. The greatest go through of The Escape Artist is my editor, who fundamentally received it cold and I just mentioned, &#8216Read this.&#8217 And he realized nothing. That&#8217s why when &#8216The Judas Contract&#8217 arrived out, the really best study of that is when you change that website page and Deathstroke is conversing to Terra &#8212 and your jaw hit the floor, simply because you didn&#8217t know it was coming. That&#8217s why any person who viewed The Crying Sport and didn&#8217t know the spoiler before it happened, had the best expertise of that motion picture.&#8221
Meltzer, who has prepared comics before and who has a tale coming up with artist John Cassaday in Motion Comics #a thousand, contrasted the &#8220Who is Nola Brown?&#8221 marketing campaign for The Escape Artist with the way he and DC Comics dealt with his superhero murder mystery, Identity Crisis.
&#8220It&#8217s why when I did Identity Disaster, 1 of the issues that I combat for is don&#8217t give out the reader copies,&#8221 Meltzer continued. &#8220Don&#8217t set the items in Previews, don&#8217t place the previews out there. Permit&#8217s provide surprise back to comics. It was one of my huge issues that I fought for. I didn&#8217t have to struggle for it DC was completely driving it as properly. And it&#8217s what I beloved about in the very last Star Wars film. They didn&#8217t just reveal every little thing in a preview. The expertise is always the best when you know nothing. But even that becoming said, that&#8217s the very first chapter, so I consider you can wreck the initial chapter and nonetheless get a great read. &#8221
The Escape Artist is available in bookstores and online. You can choose it up at Amazon, Barnes &#038 Noble (exactly where a signed version is underneath $ 20), or where ever books are marketed.